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Nothing but the best we will do. All Favor Enterprise Co., Ltd. – AFEC Pump is the most premier ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and exporter of electric submersible pumps from Taiwan. Since 1992 the company has successfully exported the pumps to some 30 countries worldwide carrying UL, CSA, CE marks for different markets.


AFEC Pump is always around you for your pumping need in Utility, Sump, Effluent, Sewage, Dewatering, Slurry, and many others. The company has proven to be reliable in the toughest conditions as faced in construction, rental, and sewage applications.


Come and visit the company, you will find the right business partner featuring:

  • decades of professional manufacturing experience in submersible pumps,
  • superior capability in design, testing, and production,
  • a compact and sturdy line of pumps in compliance with international requirements on a country-by-country basis,
  • precise inspection and test to verify the performance,
  • strict quality control throughout the production,
  • professional technical and sales support, and on time delivery


Apart from our own brand products, we have super experience in creating OEM and ODM products. And the new slurry pumps have boosted AFEC Pump as one of the most comprehensive suppliers in rental industries.


This is just the source you will ever need to pump your business.