TP Slurry Pump

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Heavy duty design with 4P motor for handling heavily polluted liquid containing clay, stone chips, drilling dust. Typically used for industry of mines, quarries, dredging, coal and ore slurries, steel mills, and many others.

TP Slurry Pump
  • Outlet - 200 mm.
  • Max head - 18 m.
  • Max flow - 5100 l/min.
  • Fine casting construction with top discharge.
  • Ball bearings lubricated for life and free maintenance.
  • Heat treated 410 stainless steel shaft.
  • Double mechanical seal CE/CA + SIC/SIC.
  • Dynamically balanced high chrome steel impeller.
  • Built-in high chrome steel agitator to create an inherent mixing at pump inlet.
  • A protective screen surrounding pump intake keeps impeller and flow chamber clear and unclogged.
  • Oil-free motor with thermal and over-current protector.
  • Class F insulation, IP 68 protection motor.
  • Cleaning of river bed.
  • Dredging of harbor, reservoir.
  • Waste water recycling.
  • Slurry or waste water treatment.
  • Well drilling.
Model Outlet Output Nor. Head Nor. Capa Max. Head Max. Capa Solid Passage
mm Kw M L/min M L/min mm
TP-8110 200 11 10 4000 18 5300 35